What if the Zombie Apocalypse was coming??

Okay, Zombies, the walking dead. This is impossible right? One, that is never going to stop us playing what if, but two, not as impossible as you think. Zombies are infected beings sent a little mad and chaotic- in is possible that a sickness could infect humans creating a world wide pandemic- a Zombie apocalypse is basically a pandemic with some demonic connotations. We haven’t had a pandemic in a good while, the closest perhaps being the Ebola outbreak.

The worst in recent history was the Spanish Flu Outbreak in 1918 which infected 500 million and killed up to 50 million people, and of course the Plague of the 1300s which ravaged Europe, Africa, and Asia, killing approximately 60 percent of the population of Europe. The bad news for a Zombie Pandemic is that humans are living in closer proximity than ever, but the good news is that we are experienced, better educated and equipped to deal with it than ever.

Assuming we knew, we had 7 days until the total outbreak of a Zombie Pandemic, I am sure that nations would be getting themselves prepared. The key to quelling an outbreak of sickness is hygiene and quarantine. Civilians would be issued guidelines on how to stay safe, advising they prepare a full body biohazard suit to the best of their ability. Centres would be setup to try and detain the sick, to stop the spread. Boarders would be closed to stop the transportation of the sickness, which may well generate chaos and pandemonium as roads become gridlocked with people who are trying to travel. Every Zombie movie you have ever watched seems to highlight the importance of food, water, medical supplies and weaponry…and for good reason. These will be things that you need to keep alive. Also important in survival kits would be torches, matches, water purifying tablets, equipment to make shelters…the kinds of things you would need to stay alive in the wilderness..which may well be where you end up…but we will get back to that.

As people try and assemble the supplies they need to get through this, shops and supply stores will get hectic. People will be clambering over one another to get tinned food, bottled water and the like. Fights and riots will break out and there would be wide spread looting. A lot of people would be injured in the chaos, so you would need to be savvy about where you sourced your food. We would need to team up and form packs if we wanted a better chance of survival. Cities, despite having more resources to plunder, would be a nightmare in a Zombie Apocalypse.
If you had 7 days advance warning, my advice would be stock up and get out by any means possible. Yes, roads will be jammed, but perhaps it is worth trying to make it out in some kind of apocalypse car pool. Or, load up bikes and get out of here. Remote areas with good supplies would be the best option, as would nuclear bunkers, but in those you are pretty trapped. Imagine if an infected got in.

It is not totally clear what involvement the military would play in a Zombie Apocalypse, and perhaps it would vary country by country. Perhaps in more corrupt societies, military involvement would be used to protect members of high society, but to be honest, the more people die, the more zombies there are, the bigger the threat, so it is in the national interest to provide as much protection as possible.

If the Apocalypse was upon us, world leaders would have emergency meetings as to how to cope with the issue. Maybe in this day an age we can find a way to round up the zombies into one place and the Nuke them. Is Nuke them not always the answer.

Zombies can’t fly, but War Planes can!

Sure….the world might become a warzone and civilians might die..but that’s what happens in an apocalypse. You know what zombies probably can’t do, either?


Swim vast distances would certainly be out of the question. If I had the choice, I’d like to be on a nicely stocked ocean liner and hit the open ocean. Sail away from those infected lands and find me a nice island to live on peacefully. If anyone infected made it on board, toss them in the ocean and be done with them..although..what if, say a shark or a killer whale ate the zombie? Would they become infected too?
The ocean get away plan wouldn’t be so fun, then? Can animals be infected? That is a whole different kettle of Zombie fish we don’t even have time for.

One final thougt- say the Zombies do get what they want and, despite the unliklihood, take over the world? What then? Can Zombies be sentient? Will they eventually evolve into beings of higher intelligence like humans did from cavemen? Are they just a new breed? A new wave of evolution? Or, will they simply run ravage and die out, leaving the earth uninhabited? If it is just humans that die out, will animals thrive? Who will be the next apex predator? Who will be the next intelligent being? What will life on earth look like over the next million years.
Maybe it is better to be a zombie and enjoy the simple delights of brain sucking without all this incessant pondering!..Although of course, we don’t think so.

So to summerize, if we had just 7 days notice, I am imaging those who already have a good Apocalypse plan would have a better chance of surviving…there would be chaos, carnage, military intervention and Nukes..but you know what…Humans have faced some tough stuff in the past in terms of sickness and chaos…I think we would find a way to get through it.

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