What If America Invaded Russia??

The united states of America has a complicated and chequered history with Russia. The pair were embrolled in a cold war that lasted the best part of 45 years. Despite being great rivals, the USA armed forces and the Russian Red Army have met in battle just once…but what if all of that changed.

So…what if America invaded Russia…well

I mean, it’s a bit of a death wish isn’t it.

Since the end of the cold war, documents have been released that have outlined both countries passion for mutually assured destruction should the other strike…so what would this mean in an invasion?

If the United States invaded Russia, it would be considered an act of hot war. The pair have not been involved in country to country hot war ever…they fought on the same sides in World War one and two. Things only got tense after the second world war and both countries were threatened by the others opposing ideals on how to build a strong nation. That being said, Russians and Americans have engaged in combat once before in history- 100 years ago in 1918. The USA forces joined the Russian White Army to stop the Bolsheviks…which..well its more wading into a civil war and their mission wasn’t a resounding success by any means.

If the USA was seriously going to invade Russia, they would have a serious plan of attack…But as we know the devil…and..err..maybe Russians fool with the best laid plans.

Would the US ever even manage landfall?

Russia is VAST. It basically spans the east to the west – and there is a point in the world, believe it or not, where Russians and Americans can practically look eye to eye.

Let me draw your attention to the two islands between the far flung east of Russia – and the very West of Alaska..these are the Big Diomede and Little Diomede. One owned by Russia, the other by the USA and separated by just 4 km. The united states could invade this land with little more than a hop skip and a jump..although there would be little point in securing this island..and …fun fact for fact geeks like me- if war did break out between the islands, the date the war started would be contested- the islands straddle the time and date line, despite being 2 and half miles apart the time difference is 21 hours. That little tid bit aside, invading Russia in this way is pretty futile in traditional war, which would see a country securing the capital for a victory. Moscow is better accessed from Europe. I guess, unless that wasn’t the objective- maybe the United States wants to own or annex the land that boarders China and North Korea in order to make an Eastern power play. Either way, let’s be clear about this, there is absolutely almost no way in which the United States could launch a surprise invasion on the Russians.

In our modern age of surveillance, the Russians would see it coming. If they even got a whiff of a United States Invasion, they would be ready to defend their land with full force. In some ways, a good old fashioned land invasion would be better news for Russia, the United States and the world than a bomb. Any drop of a nuke could have disastrous consequences and would be met with full retaliation. During the cold war it was made clear that when it comes to Russia and the US, the only way they play war is by threatening nuclear action. It has never been carried out- but then neither country has invaded one another. If the United States made the unprecedented move to invade, depending on the death toll of Russians, Vladimir Putin may be in a more reasonable mood to act like a Statesman, rather than a war lord.

If the US did invade, Putin would a press conference calling for America to withdraw, else they will feel the full force of Russian anger. Nato would likely hold a crisis meeting and traditional US allies would be confused and under pressure to pick a side. Would the United Kingdom, for example, support the United States in an invasion if it were unprovoked? World leaders wouldn’t want to side with an aggressor, especially not China who have had stern words on the topic in the past. It will all boil down to circumstance- if the United States has what they see as fair reason, perhaps they will garner some support. If they had support, we could have another world war on our hands. If the invasion was unprovoked, perhaps this would be enough to convince Putin to press his polished and preserved red button- which as he has once boasted, could lead to the total annihilation of the USA.

Would Trump, or whomever is in power have time to retaliate?

Would both Russia and the US be destroyed in the fray?

If so, perhaps China will find the space to rise. With the US destroyed… The world power and ethos would shift. Perhaps this would be the rise of the first Eastern Powerhouse.

Of course, who really knows what would happen if America invaded Russia, but I can’t imagine it would be good.
What do you think would happen- let me know in the comment section down below.

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