What Really Happened To Fouseytube?

If you have been following along on youtube, you know that there is something going on with FouseyTube. Back in 2016, it was difficult to log into youtube and not see videos about FouseyTube. He was one of the main youtubers in the spotlight. He was a huge inspiration and positive influence to many people as well as other youtubers. He would throw sold out events where thousands of people would show up to see him and listen to him speak. Fousey was really well known for his prank videos, but over time , it became more and more apparent that his prank videos and social experiments were faked. He would often claim he would leave youtube, only to return. Much of the drama he would start with other youtubers was also rumoured to be fake , so the youtube community began to lost trust in him. Then once Jake and Logan paul took over the spotlight , fouseytube fell into the background.

Over the last several months, fousey’s behaviour has been causing a lot of concern in the youtube community. Yousef’s mental health problems are no secret, and he was rumoured to be off his medication. He was becoming more and more irrational in interviews and videos. He attempted to throw a huge free concert for fans and he misled fans by saying that drake , Jcole and lebron james would attend.The event was a complete failure.Then , just last month , in a vlog where he appeared to have gone off the grid into the forest , Fousey deleted the content from his social media accounts and he announced that he was going to be giving away his youtube channel. It really makes you wonder , How could someone that was on top of the world fall so far?

FouseyTube AKA Yousef Erakat is a youtube prankster and vlogger. He was born on January 22nd , 1990 in Fremont California. He really started to blow up when he started making middle eastern parody videos. In 2012,he was 3rd on the list of 40 inspiring muslims under 40 by MBMuslima Magazine. His channel has over 10 million subscribers, and he called them ‘the best family on youtube’.  He’s been pretty open about his mental health issues. He would take long breaks from youtube for up to 5 months at a time to deal with his depression. Back in april 0f 2018, yousef announced that he was checking into a rehab facility for addiction, depression and bipolar disorder. Fousey’s major downfall appeared to have begun with his event that he threw in los angeles on July 15th.  Fousey said that the purpose of this event was to spread positivity and end racism. He planned the event in a week and it was highly publicised. It was a free event at the greek theatre called “hate dies, love arrives”.

Fousey is a person who truely believed in the law of attraction. Essentially he believes that anything can happen if you want it to. The law of attraction can be a very powerful thing, but it doesn’t exactly work like that. You have to actually work toward your goal, not just think about your goal and expect something to happen. Fousey’s logic is basically wanting a new job without going out and applying. Fousey was talking up this event and making it out to be a huge deal. He said that drake was going to perform , and used photos of the rapper in tweets and youtube videos. He also said lebrin james and J cole would show up as well. The day of the event , fousey said that drake would only show up if he got two million live viewers. He tweeted’ next time you see me, I’ll be on stage with drake giving a speech delivered to me from god. The event sold out, 5400 tickets were given away. Some popular youtubers did show up , Keemstar, faze Banks, Alex Wassabi ,  and Faze Rugs were there , but none of the huge celebrities he promised would show up were there. No surprise , the event was essentially a bigger fail than tanacon, except tanacon could have been successful if the event was planned better. Fousey event ended up being broken up because someone called in a fake bomb threat. Keemstar of drama alert filmed a documentary series about the event , and caught much of it on camera. It seems like fousey may have had a bit of a meltdown in public at the event. After police evacuated everyone, Fousey stood on top of a car in the parking lot of the event and gave a speech.His behaviour seemed erratic and somewhat delusional. He cried , made strange claims , and basically acted like he was a messiah. Following the event drake’s sources said that drake had never met fouseytube, and it was the first time he had ever heard of him. Drake was actually in New York at the time of the event so there was no way he would have been able to attend. It seems like fouseytube was attempting to make a comeback with this event to get back into the spotlight. He probably saw the huge amount of press that tanacon generated and was inspired by it. In interviews and videos, yousef seemed more and more in denial. He really believed that he was going to change the world. In the documentary posted by drama alert, keemstar said that fousey appeared to be going crazy, and that he was off his medication. He said that his July 15th event was going to be the next Coachella. The situation only got worse after yousef dropped a diss track aimed at ricegum the day after the event.

Was this whole thing just a way to hype the disstrack?

That’s what people were saying. Fousey said that to make up for the failed event, he would plan a follow up event in august where he would appear on stage with Jcole , but that never happened. Fans began tweeting at fousey, begging him to seek professional help. Fousey promised that if he didn’t end up on that stage, he would walk away from youtube and live in isolation, and we would never hear from him again. It appears that fousey has decided to keep that promise because on august 31st 2018, fousey deleted all the content from his social media accounts and announced he was leaving youtube. He gave his youtube channel to his subscribers, where fousey’s subscribers can submit content and a friend of his will post it.

So what really happened to fouseytube?

Even though fousey always said that he pays no mind to the negative things people say about him, he has a lot of issues dealing with criticism. He tries to promotes positivity, but can’t handle it when people make fun of him. And in the last few weeks, fousey has been getting more than his fair share of criticism. Some of the criticism is warranted, some of it isn’t. But it could have caused him to have a mental breakdown.  At this time, most people believe that fousey has decided that the embarrassment and harassment he’s been getting online is too much for him. After all the promises he mase, all the claims, all the flexing and failures, fousey couldn’t follow through and he knows that. It’s a hard realization but you cant just manifest things into existence without putting in the work. Maybe the best thing for yousey really is to step away from the spotlight .


What do you think really happened to fouseytube?

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