What If The NUN Was Real?

The latest instalment in the conjuring series, The nun just hit theatres and its become an instant hit, grossing 136 million worldwide in its first week. The nun centres around a catholic priest and a demon who has taken the shape of a nun, who terrorises the residents of a Romanian monestary.

But what if the nun wasn’t just a movie, what if the nun was real?

The nun takes place in the year 1952 in Romania at a monastery , and follows the story of a demonic entity who has taken the shape of a nun. The nun terrorises the residents of a Romanian monestary. The demonic entity is said to be Valek, a demon from mythology. Valak is actually present in the conjuring two as well as Annabelle creation. In these films, Valak is the main antagonist and he also takes the form of a nun. So who is Valak?

Valak appears in several books of magic on how to conjure demons. According to the lesser key of soloman, one of the most notable mention of the demon from the mid 17th century. King soloman was said to have summoned many demons while he was alive. According to this text, Valak is the grand president of hell. Valak is the sixty second spirit. He is a president mighty and great, appears as a child with angel rings riding on a two legged dragon. He rules 30 legions of spirits. Even though Valak is a demon that looks like a child, he is an almighty spirit that enjoys taking over the bodies of adult humans.

The nun was also inspired by a spectral entity who haunted Lorainne Warren, a demonologist. Warren described the entity as being a swirling, hooded , tornado vortex. Even though the nun was based on a demon from mythology, the nun wasn’t based on a true story. But I will add that there actually has been a nun who claims to have been possessed by the devil. Back in the 17th century, a Sicilian nun named sister maria woke up screaming one morning on the floor of her cell, covered in ink, holding a letter that she doesn’t remember writing. She told the rest of the nuns at the convent that she believed that Lucifer has taken over her body and forced her to write the letter in order to get her to turn away from God. The letter she wrote consisted of a combination of archaic symbols, but in 340 years no one has been able to decode it. Instead, the nuns put it on display. Recently, using encryption software found on the dark web, a group of scientists at the Ludim Science Center in Sicily have decoded the message , and found it to be quite, devilish. The letter is a mixture of greek, Arabic, the runic alphabet and latin. Apparently the decoded letter does consist of some pretty devilish sentences. One part says that god, Jesus and the holy spirit are dead weights, and that god was invented by man and this system works for no one. Later on , another sentence says ‘ styx is certain’. The river styks is from greek and roman mythology, its what separates the earth from the underworld. Other than those passages, the rest of the devil letter seems to be lot of incoherent rambling. The scientists believe that sister maria could have been schitzophrenic or bipolar. She was very proficient in languages which may haven given her the ability to write the letter. That being said, she was never able to translate what she wrote, all she said was that she believed the devil tried to get her to turn away from god by writing this letter. If she really knew all those languages, wouldn’t she have been able to decode part of it? Just a thought

So, now that you know that there really might have been a possessed nun, let’s return to the question. If the nun was real, it would mean that the devil and god are real too, and Christian people would turn out to have been right all along. If it turned out that the devil was real, its likely that many people would become religious, out of fear that they would end up in hell, or be possessed by a demon. The bible would become the most important book in the world, and its passages would become the rule of law. This could mean the mass persecution of homosexuals. All schools would become catholic schools, teaching the word of god. Millions would flock to churches to repent their sins, and we would probably see far less crime in the world. That being said, there would be widespread mass hysteria. People would become extremely terrified of demons, and would go to extreme measures to keep them away. Demons are said to feed off of negative vibrations like fear, anger and depression. Demons are of low energetic vibration so they seek out individuals who match their frequency. For this reasons, demons are attracted to places with negative energy. Places where mass murders have been committed. For this reason, places that are known for historic tragedy or loss would likely be closed or demolished. People would be very careful about the houses or apartments they move into, and anywhere that a tragedy has occurred would likely be empty. In terms of trying to find a way to deal with demons, The Vatican would send its best exorcists and priests to try and get rid of them. Everyone would have atleast one skilled exorcist in their home. World governments would also do everything they could to contain the problem. Every country would become a police state. People who had become possessed by demons or people who would likely become possessed would become social outcasts, or even be sent to special institutions. It would be difficult for these people to find jobs and live normal lives, which would in turn make them more depressed and that would in turn make them ripe targets for demon possessions. Because of this, its likely many people would rather commit suicide than become possessed by demons.

Well there you have it, these are just a few ideas of what I think would happen if the nun was real, why don’t you keep the discussion going and tell me some of your ideas in the comments below.

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