Is Jake Paul A Sociopath?

Jake Paul  is one of the most well known youtube personalities on this platform.He is incredibly influential , he has 17 million subscribers.He is also one of the most polarizing out of all youtubers.You either love or you hate him,which is one of the reasons why Shane Dawson decided to  make a docuseries on him ,which attempts to unearth a side to Jake Paul that the public doesn’t necessarily know.

In episode two of the docuseries ,Shane explores the possibility of Jake Paul being a sociopath.Sociopaths are another term for someone with antisocial personality disorder.According to psychologists , someone with antisocial personality disorder is not empathic , as in they can’t understand the feelings of others.Sociopaths are manipulative , where they play mind games to control the people close to them , or even complete strangers.They have no regard for the rules, and often push the limits of what’s acceptable.Sounds a lot like someone we know.So could it be possible that Jake Paul , a youtuber with 17 million loyal subscribers,could fit into that category?

As you might already know from Shane Dawson’s documentary , sociopaths are actually quite common.1 in 25 people are sociopaths.That means someone you know is a sociopath, or plot twist , maybe the sociopath is you.its important to note that sociopaths are extremely likeable people.They are charismatic , charming  and agreeable, which is why its really hard to tell if someone you know is sociopath.The sociopath in your social circle might turn out to be the person you least expect.So let’s do our own diagnosis of Jake paul using these 6 points.Those with antisocial personality disorder can only receive a diagnosis if they are over 18 and they show a consistent pattern of these behaviours.

Number one , a sociopath doesn’t respect social norms or laws.They often break the rules that society has laid out with little regard for what might happen to them. Jake paul has documented some questionable behaviour on his channel.In 2017, his neighbours in Beverly grove were meeting with city council members and police on the possibility of filing a class action law suit against him for being a public nuisance.This came after repeated issues with Jake’s fans gathering outside his house,noise complaints and setting furniture on fire.Jake also once secretly recorded a conversation on the doorstep of a neighbour he upset , but in California , its only private conversations that are not allowed to be recorded.But the neighbour didn’t press charges.At this time, Jake paul does not have a criminal record.That could change in the future but other than being a bad neighbour and a public nusance,Jake doesn’t necessarily break the law to the degree where he could be considered a sociopath. And the LAPD, after responding to complaints about him, said that Jake paul hadn’t been cited because he hadn’t broken any laws.

Moving on to Number two.Sociopaths lie, constantly deceive others, may even act under false identities and they often use others for their own personal gain.We do know that Jake paul has been known to lie and publicly too.For example ,back in august of 2017, He lost 60 thousand followers after he accused faze banks of assaulting his assistant Magan.Faze banks said he would sue Jake and Team 10 for defamation of character and slander, so it seems like Jake paul lied about this assault to start youtube drama.So yes, Jake paul lies, but then again, a lot of people lie.A lot of youtubers lie for the purpose of creating controversy.Just because you lie, that doesn’t mean you are a sociopath, otherwise, we would all be sociopaths.

Moving on to Number 3 , Sociopaths don’t plan ahead.They behave without thinking and are often spontaneous.Jake paul definitely appears to be spontaneous.He is constantly behaving in ways that people don’t expect because it attracts a lot of attention , and its one of the reason why his subscribers find his vlogs so entertaining.That being said,  Jake likely does plan out a lot of what he says and does.Its pretty hard to be a Youtuber and not be very calculated about what you choose to put  on the internet.

Number 4 ,A sociopath doesn’t consider their own safety, or the safety of others. Jake paul often terrorizes the people who live in the team 10 house.Pranks and stunts are a regular part of living with Jake paul. A sociopath might also be someone who’s cruel to other people and animals.We know that Jake paul has been unnecessarily mean to many of the people who have left team 10. Allisa violet claims he assaulted her numerous times and he bullied and terrorized the Martinez twins , sometimes making racist remarks about their Spanish heritage. The pranks he chooses  to pull on his house mates are borderline cruel, but most of the time they end in laughter.As far as we know though, jake paul is not cruel to his animals. Logan Paul on the other hand…shows video of him tazing dead rats.

Number 5,Sociopaths don’t care about their personal responsibilities.Someone who doesn’t learn from their mistakes.An example of this is someone who doesn’t pay their bills on time or someone who is late for everything important.Jake paul makes millions of dollars.As far as we know , jake paul does pay his bills on time even though rent for the house in Beverly Grove was more than 17 thousand dollars a month. According to reports, Jake Paul was being sued by his former landlord, but for damage,not over a rent dispute. And since he moved into a new 7 million dollar mansion in Calabasas, Jake Paul hasn’t been getting into much trouble with his neighbours.

And lastly Number 6 , a sociopath feels no guilt or remorse for the harm they have caused other people.When Jake Paul messes up and causes controversy he does apologise.Whether or not those apologies are genuine remains to be seen.Sociopaths mimic acceptable behaviour, so he could be apologising because that’s what he thinks is the acceptable thing to do, not because he actually cares.But then , would a sociopath care about what other people think in the first place?Again , probably not. Murderers and other criminals are often sociopaths.They display violent behaviour , and don’t feel remorse or guilt. Jake paul might be annoying and kind of a jerk but I don’t think that we can put him in the same category as a major criminal. Jake paul has insisted that he isn’t a sociopath in  a video he uploaded to his channel called, please watch this before watching shane dawson’s series. In the video, jake paul expressed that he didn’t want to do the docuseries at first because he didn’t want shane dawson to get flack for it.A sociopath wouldn’t care about that, a sociopath would welcome the idea of a docuseries.Its important to note that jake paul is not a well liked person. Much of the youtube community dislikes him, much of the media also dislikes him. Canada’s national post called him ‘ a moronic menace to society’.Mashable once called him ‘ an absolute terror.Even though his behaviour can appear charming to some, he’s not what most would call a ‘likeable’ person. That’s one of the reasons why shane dawson chose to make a docuseries on him in the first place. Jake paul is a controversial internet personality for a reason. And furthermore, we don’t know what Jake paul is actually like. The persona that he chooses to put forth on tha internet isn’t necessarily what he’s like in real life. Even though he might display certain personality traits and behaviours that could appear sociopathic, he could be very different in real life.

Well , there you have it, did you agree with us?

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