Lil Tay’s brother is exploiting her , says Woah Vicky

‘She don’t know nothing about no rappers, she don’t know nothing about flexing’

She was the child star known as Lil Tay – the century’s greatest flexer – and she enjoyed a life of fast cars, luxury homes and $5,000 Gucci lint rollers. But now the truth about her career appears to have come tumbling out in the form of a video confession from one of her mentors, Woah Vicky aka Victoria Waldrip, a white rapper who says the n-word and claims to be black.

In a bombshell new video, Woah Vicky says Lil Tay’s older brother Jason took advantage of her as he controlled her Instagram and told her what to say. “He’s exploiting her and using her for money and fame,” Vicky explained. “She’s not benefiting anything from her page, which is his. She doesn’t even have access to it. It’s all him.”

“I do feel bad for her, she doesn’t know any better because she’s so young,” Vicky added, describing a trip the three of them took to a Chief Keef concert where Jason made his little sister cry in a fit of rage.

“Lil Tay is a little girl,” she goes on, “a 10-year-old who comes from Canada, who plays ballet. She don’t know nothing about no rappers, she don’t know nothing about flexing. It’s her brother that runs her account, it’s her brother that tells her what to do and it’s her brother in her ear. Her brother does all the captions. Y’all think you’re DMing Lil Tay? Nah, y’all DMing her brother Jason.”

Lil Tay’s Instagram was wiped earlier this month amid rumors that her parents had finally called an end to her flexing. It was originally Woah Vicky who helped bring Lil Tay to prominence after a fight involving Bhad Bhabie at Coachella in April. Woah Vicky clarified that she was still friends with Lil Tay, despite what happened. “I fucks with you, it’s just your brother,” she said.

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