This teen killed her friend, then asked the judge to go easy on her because she was planning a cruise vacation

Credits : Katie Way

‘She already had the tickets!’

17-year-old Cristina Pavon-Baker was driving 106 miles per hour when she crashed her car into a tree off of I-75 in Georgia on March 26, her school’s senior skip day. Pavon-Baker was injured in the accident and her “best friend,” 18-year-old Makayla Penn, was killed.

The district attorney prosecuting Pavon-Baker said that “Snapchat may have been used” during the drive.

Now, Pavon-Baker faces charges of first-degree vehicular homicide, reckless driving and speeding. But that didn’t stop her attorney from asking the judge presiding over the case to allow the teenager to keep her passport… so she could go on “an international cruise” later this month.

The request was not well-received in the courtroom, according to Tom Jones, a local reporter who was present at the time. “That upset the victim’s family and the district attorney,” Jones said. Which, like, duh.

The tow truck driver who removed Pavon-Baker’s Mini Cooper from the scene of the accident described the crash as “bad. Real, real bad,” and said the vehicle flipped and rolled multiple times, with its passenger door was torn off.

“We were not trying to be insensitive. We were just trying to say, ‘Judge, she has already had these tickets for this cruise,’” Pavon-Baker’s attorney later told Jones.
The judge gave Pavon-Baker a $31,000 bond, ordered her to stay off Snapchat and off the road — and took her passport.

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